Scavenger Hunt in GClub

Scavenger hunt is a game known to everyone and people love playing it in the GClub. It is an amazing game which is not just a simple game because it has a challenge and one has to use their brains to get the right thing. An adult twist can be added to the game as one wants. The groups are divided in two teams of five people at least. They are then provided with a list of items they have to find. Often they also have to take a picture of the items with themselves.

The items provided in the list are to be found in the immediate areas like in the line, work area, pockets, purse etc. but these are not just simple. It can be a credit card, a foreign currency, the picture of a bald man, reading glasses, the recording of toilet flushing, and a baby picture. These items are found by the people and there is a reward for the participants. Mostly, it is also played with a little variation when one has to find the items and then they are required to sit together. The two teams often sit in a circle.

A bowl with various colored paper chits are shuffled in it and these are taken by the team members after the passing phase. The bowl is passed while a beat is played, and one has to stop passing the bowl just when the beat stops. After this the player takes out a paper chit from the bowl and has to do whatever is asked in the paper strip.

The challenge varies from the giving away of an item and even another item can be taken from the other team. Moreover, there are various acts which are to be performed while the other team has to guess what the player intends to say. Points are rewarded for each of the correct guess and the mistakes add a negative to the total scores of the team.

The players enjoy the game and mostly when the final results are announced, the winning team is given more rewards and also the losing teams gets some gifts. The participants also use different types of new technology which the adults carry in their routine like the cell phones, laptops, and PDAs. The team who is able to collect and find the maximum items is the one who wins the game.